Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What do Youtube and Ice Cream have in common?

They have all convinced me that I now live in the most "patient" country in the world. And coming few New York City, that is a big change for me! I went to youtube the other day to show one of my colleagues a video I found interesting only to realize it would take several minutes to buffer so as a classic New Yorker, I shut down Youtube immediately. What I have discovered since is that people have come to expect a wait when it comes to buffering videos, so they start a video, walk away, get a cup of coffee and come back! Likewise, I saw a huge line infront of an ice cream parlour on Marine Drive this weekend, but what I then realized is people take a few of their friends and family with them and catch up on the week while they wait. I think people built into their day an expectation of waiting -in lines, in traffic, on the worldwide web. So here is my question for you youtube lovers - how long are you willing to wait for your video to buffer before you give up?

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