Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jai Ho for Sametime!

I consider myself a decent driver. I have been driving for 15+ years and have driven in all kinds of weather - rain, snow and more importantly, I've been able to manouver effectively through the New York City potholes and predict aggressive taxi and bus drivers. So moving to Mumbai, I thought, I can handle driving here so have recently bought a little car for myself (more on that later). Plus, I don't like the idea of being completely dependent on a driver to get places. Like today. It was raining heavily this morning (the beautiful yet tardy monsoon has finally made its fashionable late arrival), my driver didn't show up and it was impossible getting a car service to work till about 12:30pm. Thank God for Lotus Sametime. Despite the slow internet connection from home I was able to work from home this morning. Between that and accessing my Lotus notes on my Blackberry, I didn't skip a beat. Not even while sitting in Mumbai traffic. Pretty soon, no professional in Mumbai will be able to use the monsoon as a reason/excuse for missing work! Jai Ho for Sametime!

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