Friday, March 19, 2010

IPL means Smarter Cricket!

All good things must come to an end - and so it is with Mumbai's weather. The sunny, breezy days and now over and so sitting on my balcony in the mornings with my cup of tea and newspaper means breaking a sweat at 7am without moving an inch. But there is something else in the air, other than the heat wave. Its IPL Cricket Fever! And I am totally hooked. I grew up watching one day internationals in Sharjah, where we used to have massive family outings, but 20 overs is a totally different beast. First off, the players are completely fearless. Every ball counts and everything is just faster and bigger. I've never seen so many sixes and wickets fall as I did in the last 2 or 3 matches. Like last night's Royal Challengers vs. Royals match - the Challengers were on fire and you could see them go after wickets like their life depended on it. In some of these matches the score went over 215 which is even higher than some one day matches with 50 overs. What that tells me is that if we give people less time and less resources, will it encourage them to take more risks, work better as a team and ultimately deliver better results?! What is we applied the same in the corporate world?? Will people work smarter?


  1. I think, Yes, even in Corp, higher incentives and few cheerleaders at office may surely bring out SMARTer side of people. :)

  2. Smarter Politics anyone?! Smarter Deal making?! Smarter use of Twitter so an innocous 140 characters doesn't end up like a mosquito bite that kills!? :-)