Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We apologize for the inconvenience...

I've spent the last week on the road in New Delhi and Bangalore - always on the first flight out of Mumbai. One thing unusual about India is that the men's and women's lines at the airport security check are segregated. Works perfectly well for me! I cruise in at 6am for a 6:40am flight with plenty of time to grab a coffee before a board. Unfortunately for my male colleagues, they have have to stand in line for almost 30-45 minutes. Interestingly, unlike in the US where the airlines deplane your bags and head off, airlines in India wait for passengers! The newspapers here report average airline delays and the reasons - question is who do you blame? The airport for not having more security checkpoints, the airline for waiting for passengers, your boss for setting up meetings way to early in the day or your alarm clock that seems to fail you at the precise point you need it to work!?

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