Monday, June 22, 2009

Will you take my money?

So I've been in India a month. I think the classic warning anyone gets when they go to a new city is "watch your wallet" or "be careful with your money". I have actually found quite the opposite. I have never worked harder to pay for things, even full price - I guess no one wants my money! For instance, I tried to buy an airline ticket online from an unnamed airline and they couldn't accept my US credit card when I went to hit "purchase". But I was determined. I set up an online profile with the airline, put in all my information but when I called to buy the ticket, they asked me all the same information again. It was all quite sad. I sent a final plea to purchase via email and someone finally called me but it was 2 weeks later and the fare had already gone up so I didn't buy.
So here is my question for all your e-commerce buffs: how could the airline have done it differently?


  1. Hi Virginia, I totally agree with your views here.Infact just to share an incident on customer service goofs that i encountered .this unnamed credit card agency calls me up for a platinum credit card while I already am holding a gold one and i had serious issues with monthly interest charges being charged automatically by their system without applying any automated payment checking logic or whatsoever .I asked them to fix this interest reversal issue first and guess what? They didnt have this record on their database instead they had my name and number on it how come they didnt know me? Now my question again is to what extent are we Customer friendly could another credit card company have done it smarter way?

  2. Hi Virginia, well the airline company could have done loads of things differently.

    1. Airline company should have been accepting all kinds of credit cards, especially international. Since they know that they will be dealing with people from all across the world.After all that's what an airline does rite. I suggest going in for a better payment gateway. Some fine names are already their in the market. Well its a richer market now, i wouldn't know the situation then.

    2. Well on the second level, they should have responded fast, as soon as the account was made, they should have contacted the customer and done the job over the phone.

    Well above all we see that email could have been connected to their online query system with minimum response time.

    These days its all about faster, efficient and smarter options and technology makes it all for us. unfortunately the airline was using technology to maybe market themselves by putting the things online and making an eCommerce setup, but to connect it up with excellent back end support is also required, which was missing.

    Still loads of things they could do to improvise..